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Handrail Fittings

    Robertson Grating Products carries a large assortment of handrail fittings. Our R & B Wagner weld-on fittings available in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and bronze are popular among steel fabricators. The R & B Wagner line has a large variety of weld-on elbows, tees, side-outlet ells, flanges, and brackets. Many of our customers that do not want to weld a handrail, may want to consider our lines of slip-on fittings. RGP carries the popular Kee Klamp and Hollaender lines. Kee Klamps regular line is galvanized malleable iron, but aluminum slip-on fittings by Kee Klamp are now available. Kee Klamp slip-on fittings can be used to create versatile and rigid tubular structures. RGP also carries the Hollaender aluminum slip-on fittings that are popular among applications requiring a certain appearance, light weight, or even corrosive resistance. Please click on the logos below to find out more about these lines and to request a quote.
R&B Wagner Handrail Fittings
R&B Wagner Fittings
Kee Klamp Handrail Fittings
Kee Klamp Fittings

Hollaender Handrail Fittings
Hollaender Fittings

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