Choice of color enhances the appeal of these handsome safety stair nosings. Designed for heavy duty use indoors and outdoors, these safety nosings meet and exceed all OSHA and Barrier-Free requirements.

IMPACT RESISTANT: These nosings are manufactured from an extruded aluminum base filled with a mixture of anti-slip abrasive granules in an advanced formula epoxy binder. Their remarkable strength is capable of absorbing heavy impact. 

BARRIER-FREE: The designs shown are in compliance with the Barrier-Free Code, ensuring those physically impaired complete access to public buildings. 

ANTI-SLIP SURFACE: Each abrasive-filled rib projects above the aluminum base for the greatest exposure of anti-slip surface in any tread now being produced in the United States.

CHOICE OF COLOR: Colors are locked into the epoxy abrasive mixture and will not fade or wear off, maintaining a rich color to blend with any decor. 

ECONOMICAL: Using our exclusive automated filling machinery, these extruded base safety nosings are manufactured et three times the speed of ordinary methods. This labor saving method reduces cost.



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