PolySelf is a precast, modular trench drain system of channels, outlets and lockable grates specifically designed to eliminate surface water retention in residential applications. Because PolySelf is a complete pre-engineered system, minimum experience and labor are required for installation.

PolySelf can be installed across driveways, around pool and landscape areas and along sidewalks anywhere a drainage problem exists. 

The PolySelf system includes precision engineered, tight fitting precast polymer concrete channels topped with galvanized steel grates that are held securely in place by locking toggles, resulting in a clean, professional look. 

Water flows freely into the system through grates specifically designed to keep large debris from clogging the channels and which are strong enough for low speed automobile and light truck traffic. The grates are bicycle-safe and the perforated grates are heel-proof providing an unparalleled standard of safety. 

PolySelf is manufactured by ABT Inc., the industry leader in modular drainage systems for commercial and industrial use.



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